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The Louisville Medical Federal Credit Union offers a variety of loan programs for any worthwhile purpose.  These include:

  • Signature (unsecured) Loans
  • Redi-Credit (unsecured line-of-credit)
  • New and Used Auto Loans
  • Pre-Approved Loans
  • Loans Secured by Real Estate
  • Adjustable Rate Home Equity Loans
  • Share Pledge Loans
  • Overdraft Protection Loans
  • VISA Credit Card



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Who Can Borrow?
Any member in good standing who has been employed at least one year is eligible to apply for a loan or credit card account.

If you or someone you work with is not currently a member of the Credit Union, you can open a regular share (savings) account and, if you’ve been employed at least one year, you’re immediately eligible to apply for a loan.
Auto Pricing Information
Your Credit Union can provide new and used car pricing information to help you save hundreds of dollars on your next car purchase.
How Do I Apply for a Loan or Credit Card 

For a loan or credit card request to be processed we need a completed loan application form and verification of your employment and income.  Verification of employment and income can be in the form of a completed employment verification form or your most recent pay check detail which shows year to date earnings. You can obtain a loan application and employment verification form from the Membership Representative where you work, by calling our office at 502-629-3716, or "print your own" using the link below.



Print Your Own Loan Application
Go to our "Forms" page where you can download a loan application form and instructions.

Insta-Cash Short Term Small Amount Loans

Available in amounts from $200 to $1,000 as an advanc on your next pay, Insta-Cash STSA Loans are our alternative to high interest rate payday lenders.  It only costs $20 to set up the account and your intereest is as low as 12.00% APR*  Some restrictions apply. 

Auto Loans
If you are applying for an auto loan and you have already picked out your vehicle, please attach a copy of your purchase order to the loan application. 
Pre-Approved Loans
A Pre-Approved Auto Loan lets you shop like a cash customer and take advantage of all the discounts and rebates available.  If you are interested in a Pre-Approved Loan just tell us the amount you want to spend.  We can give you credit approval and 30 days to go shopping.
Loan Approval and Closing
You may call our office after your loan application is processed to make an appointment to come in and sign your loan documents.  Please feel free to call our Loan Department at 502-629-3716 if you have any questions or need additional information.
VISA Credit Card
With a Credit Union VISA Credit Card there is NO ANNUAL FEE and a 25-day grace period on purchases.  Our low, fixed interest rate will save you money over cards that charge higher rates.

Go to our "Forms" page where you can download a loan application form and instructions.
Payment Protection
Payment protection insurance is available to cover your loan payment if you are disabled for more than 30 days or your loan balance in the event of your death.  The amount of this coverage can be included in your monthly loan payment,

Interest Rates and Payment Information
We recommend Loans be repaid through payroll deduction.  You may have half of your loan payment deducted from your payroll each pay period and deposited to your Share (savings) Account.  Once a month, on the 20th of each month, a payment will be transferred from your savings account to your loan.
Extra payments may be made anytime.  There is no pre-payment penalty.
Please click here for a listing of current Credit Union Loan Interest Rates.

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